What is SEO - What is SEO and How to

Today on this post we will tell you what is SEO, what is search engine and why is it important for your website

What is SEO: Often when any new bloggers start their blog, this question bothers them a lot about what is SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. In today's time, where everything is becoming digital, we also have a medium where we can talk to millions of people who are present in many places simultaneously.

Now whether you make a video and show it through YOUTUBE and want to make your content accessible to people through a blog.

But it is as easy to speak as it is in real life. If you want to reach your CONTENT people, then you have to rank on first of Google SEARCH ENGINE because 90% of VISITORS like these pages.

But it is not so easy to reach here, for this, you have to SEO your ARTICLE properly, that is, to optimize it in such a way that Google search engine can show it on the 1st page and this process is called SEO.

If told, a WEBSITE OR BLOG is the life of SEO because how much you make your blog so good, how well you can decorate it and write ARTICLE very well, but if there is no one to read that article then what? profit

Now you will say that when you have done everything so well, like you have created BLOG, have also made his Look n feel good, and ARTICLE has also written so well, then why would no one be a reader? Because if your article rank is not there then how will it reach the people and when someone will not find it in Google searches, then how will anyone read it,

That is why if you are a new BLOGGER and you are serious about BLOGGING then it is very important for you.

If you talk about the rules of SEO, then there is no such rule, just here Google ALGORITHM works and changes from time to time.

If you have spent some time in Digital Marketing or SEO, then you must have heard that many people speak that they are SEO Expert. But it is also wrong to believe completely because SEO is a process which changes from time to time according to the need.

So today we will know in this article what is SEO in Hindi i.e. what is SEO and how it works.

If you want to succeed in your blogging career and want to become a successful blogger, then you should have complete knowledge of how SEO and Search Engine optimization work and why it is important for your blog.

SEARCH Engine optimization of SEO means SEARCH ENGINE so we all know what happens. If we talk about the most popular SEARCH ENGINE, then GOOGLE is at the top but it is not the only search engine, apart from this, Bing, Yahoo, and many more search engines and with the help of SEO, we can make our blog on every search engine in the world. Can be brought to 1 position.

Like suppose we go to Google and do a Google search by typing a keyword such as Sports Shoes, whatever content related to this keyword will be with Google, it will show us the content through its algorithm.

As you can see in the image below, we did a search on Sports Shoes Google and Google showed us Top Blogs and Websites in which you can see that Myntra is at number 1 which means Myntra's SEO is very good on this Keyword. Done, that's why he's ranking at number 1

Through SEO, we can organically bring our blog to No 1 in Google and if our blog is ranked at No 1 of Google search engine, it means the number of visitors to our blog will automatically increase, so that your income will also be good. It simply means that SEO is very important to increase organic traffic on our website.

What is required for SEO Blog - (What is SEO in Hindi) Why are SEO Blogs Important?

So far we must have known what SEO is, so now we go ahead and know why it is important for our blog. If spoken directly, then we use SEO to reach our blog or website.

As if you have made a good blog and published good high quality articles, but if you do not use SEO on your own blog then it will not reach people, so you will not have any use to create that blog.

As of now, we have learned what SEO is and why it is so important to increase the ranking and traffic of your website.

So now we will talk and know the importance of search engine optimization

In today's time, people use search engine to find answers to their questions and in such times, users prefer the same website and blog which is shown at the top by Google search engine.

Through SEO, you can increase the traffic of any website by bringing it to Google's Top Result.

With the help of SEO, you can get ahead of your competition like if 2 websites are selling the same things, then the same website will appear on the top of Google, which will be well SEO optimized, which will also increase the sales of that website.

What are the types of SEO and how to do them - how to do SEO in Hindi

There are two types of SEO, First On Page SEO and Second Off Page SEO, it is completely different and both are very important to rank a website or blog on Google 1st page, so let's know about them.

  • On Page SEO

On page SEO, as it is in its name, ON page, its work is also done inside your blog, so that we make our blog SEO friendly.

  • SEO Friendly URLs
The first and most important step of On page SEO is to make our URL SEO friendly. Creating SEO Friendly URL is very important for any website or blog and it is also a very big Google ranking factor.

Now you must be thinking how to create SEO Friendly URL, then to make it just keep your URL as simple and short as possible and keep your Main Keyword in it.

  • Title tag
You start with your Blog or Website ka title Keyword because your Title tag is the most important On page SEO factor in the Google search engine, and while making it one thing to keep in mind that you have maximum 65 words in your Title tag. Use only because under Google Algorithm, Google shows at most 65 words in its title tag.

  • Put your Blog Title in H1 tag
One thing you must keep in mind while writing SEO Friendly article is that the H1 heading of your blog makes a lot of difference on SEO, that's why you make your blog title in the 1st H1 tag of your article.

  • Internal linking
This is a great part of ranking your post on 1st of the google search engine. Through internal linking, you can link the related articles that are written while writing your article, so that all your inner pages will be easy to get ranked.

  • Alt tag
If you use images on your blog or website, then do not forget to give them Alt Tag while using them, the advantage is that sometimes website images cannot be loaded due to too many reasons, so instead of that Your alt tag is the show that shows what this image is related to.

  • Content is The King
Content is the King, you must have heard this line and it is also true that as good and optimized your content will be, the value of your website ya Blog will be in the eyes of Google,

Therefore, try to write as big an article as you can write and try to give that value to your readers, the answer to which question they came to your blog or website.

  • Keyword
The most important thing that happens for us while writing an SEO Friendly Article is Keywords and the best way is that you use LSI Keywords, so that you can bring your article to Google Search soon. Also, bold those which are your most important or Focus keywords so that google and Visitor’s will know which keywords are important.

These were some important points of on-page SEO, now we will talk about off-page SEO

  • Off Page SEO

As its name is off page SEO, all its work is outside of your website and blog, its job is to promote your blog on different platforms.

Like commenting on different famous blogs and submitting a link to your blog in it, this process is called backlink creation.

Presenting your website on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which will increase your followers and from there will start increasing a large amount of visitors and your blog will become very famous.

  • How to do Off Page SEO

Now we will tell you about off page SEO techniques, which will prove very useful in ranking your blog.

  • Search Engine Submission - Submit your website to all the search engines in today's time, through which Google can come to your website and rank it.
  • Directory Submission - In Directory submission, you should submit your website or blog to a directory website with very high DA PA.
  • Classified submission - In classified submission websites, you have to submit your website and advertise them.
  • Bookmarking- We also call it social bookmarking in which we submit the URL of the page and post of our website or blog on social bookmarking website.
  • Social Media - In this, we create an account of our website or blog on social media and submit a link to our website or blog there like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Commenting - In this, we have to give a link to that article which we have to rank, by commenting in their comment section on a website like Niche or a blog whose content meets us.
  • Pinterest - In this, we should post all the images that are on our website or blog on Pinterest, through Pinterest we can increase traffic on our website a lot.
  • Guest post - Guest post is a very good way to rank your website or blog, as well as DA DA of your website also increases very quickly, in this you go to your Niche's website or blog and make a guest post there. Is that you get a DO Follow backlink from that website